Things i've bought recently ♡

Hey cutie pies! I wanted to make a thing's i've bought recently post because everything is so cute! Just a little heads up about the weed socks though, I don't smoke weed and I never have before I just think that all the huf socks are really adorable! But anyways, I'm going a little pastel crazy because spring is coming up. I'm so excited! I'm so sick of winter. The only winter clothes I have are all black and I feel like its sucking the life out of me! :c Also I wanted to tell you guys to treat 'yo self because its a new year and its almost valentines day and darn it, I think you all deserve something nice. I think its a good thing to treat yourself sometimes! 

Socks: Huf
Winged backpack: Lost mannequin
Everything else:Modcloth 

I'm really excited to get the backpack because my boyfriend and I are planning a trip to disneyland and I really want to wear it there! Once I get it I will post a review because it was really, really expensive... $84 ; - ; but I really wanted to get it! 

Also, I have a coupon code for modcloth so if you're planning to buy something and would like $15 off your first purchase click here


  1. Love the dress and shirt!
    That backpack is also amazing.
    I agree the Huf socks are adorable.
    I own a green one myself ^^

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the backpack! I heard HUF is super comfy~ (: