Studio ghibli movie night ♡

So today my boyfriend and I went to this really cute old movie theater that is playing all studio ghibli movies all day for two weeks! Today they were playing Kikis delivery service and he's never seen it before so we went ^o^ before we went to the movies we went to this really cool place called burger lounge and the food was really good! I also thought it was really cute how they put the fries in a little bag~ Also everything was all organic which is really good!

This is the outside of the theater. I always think its really cute when theaters still look like this so I had to take a picture! Him and I are going to go back a couple of times again before they stop playing movies. I want to see spirited away and castle in the sky. 

These were some of the posters outside of the place! They also had some totoro ones but I forgot to take a picture of it :c There wasn't a lot of people there so it was kind of nice because there wan't a lot of loud kids or anything, actually a lot of the people or everyone there really was pretty old! I think I was probably the youngest one there. I don't think that this got enough media or press to have a lot of people come which is a shame in my opinion ; - ;

Heres something that was inside with the times and days that Spirited away were playing!

And heres when the movie was over! I'm really really glad that they showed the movie in Japanese with subs. I can honestly say its such a difference when you watch something in a movie theater! It really reminded me how much I really loved these movies. I can't wait to go back watch more before its gone! If you live in san diego you should look into it, or if you are willing to make the trip to come down here to watch some of the movies then heres the link with all the movie times and things~ link ^o^

Also heres a quick little outfit of the night! It was sooo cold ; - ;


  1. This is so cute, I wish we have theatres in the UK that played studio ghibli movies.

  2. That food looks so yummy and the theater looks so cute! I love "Kiki's Delivery Service"! You lucky!

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  3. That burger looks so good o_O I really want to watch ed newest Chiblig Studio movie at the movie theater, but here in Norway they only show it dubbed on Norwegian and not on Japanese with subtitles, just have to wait for the DVD :(

  4. I went to go watch Spirited Away and The Cat Return when they had it the first week in La Jolla landmark cinema! The cinema there was also pretty old and there was this old japanese man that couldn't stop giggling to Spirited Away, it was cute!