Q&A ♡

♡ Basics ♡
Whats your real name? 
My real name is April! My middle name is Jasmine-blu. 

Do you have a job? Where?
Yes, I work at an ice cream place ^.^ 

Do you do any drugs? 
Nope! I've smoked hookah before but other than that i've never tried anything of that nature. 

How old are you and when is your birthday? 
I am 19 and my birthday is on June 2.

How tall are you? 
5'4, almost 5'5. 

Whats your favorite color?
Any pastels. 

What do you smell like?
My hair smells like vanilla and everything else smells like marc jacob's daisy. 

Whats your favorite nail polish color?
Pink or any kind of glitter.

Whats your favorite food?
I love fruits and natural foods! I love eating at whole foods its so yummy.

What are your favorite drinks?
Strawberry lemonade, Pumpkin spice (starbucks),and Strawberry surf rider (jamba juice).

Where do you buy your makeup?
Mostly the drugstore. I don't really own any high end makeups besides mac.

How do you get rid of acne?

If you look through my blog a little bit, you'll find tons of ways!

How did you get so educated on skincare?
When I had really troublesome skin I wanted to know all that I could so I googled many, many things!

What hair dye did you use to dye your hair black?
I went to sally's and picked something up, I don't remember right now but when I retouch my hair i'll post pictures!

Favorite makeup brands?
Revlon, Tony moly, etude house, mac, two faced, and more that I cant think 

Where did you get your skirts from?
Most of them are from Asos or American Apparel 

Where do you get most of your clothes?
Ebay, modcloth, h&m, or the various websites I talk about!

When looking or clothes what do you look for?
Pastels, frills, florals, spikes, leather (fake), polka dots, stripes, anything that catches my eye really! 

How did you get into Japanese street fashion and what styles are your favorites?
Tumblr really. Thats how I learned about most of them. My absolute favorite is fairy kei! I also like mori girl, gothic lolita, sweet lolita, and visual kei.

These are the most asked questions I get! I hope you guys enjoyed! If you have any more questions you can ask me here


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  2. You're perf for answering these c: we love you Jasmine Blu

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