My favorite movies ♡

Fight club is one of my favorite books and movies ever. I feel like a lot of people have seen it! The plot is amazing and the first time I read it I actually ended up reading it three times because I was kind of young when I read it and its kind of hard to understand since it goes from the present to the past to the past and back and forth a lot. But if you are into mind-blowing movies this is for you. Its a classic in my opinion and Brad pitt... (heart eyes) looks amazing. The acting is perfect, just everything is amazing. I don't really want to describe this one because if I do it will give a lot away so if you trust my better judgement then watch this!

Kamikaze girls is amazing. I don't think a lot of people have watched this but I saw something about it on tumblr a long time ago and I ended up watching it in 10 minute parts on youtube. Its about a lolita girl (momoko) who makes friends with another girl who is a yanki (ichiko) who are completely different from each other and they end up becoming friends and when ichiko gets in some deep trouble momoko is there to help, and she's pretty badass. Theres a fight scene where she is in full lolita LITERALLY kicking some girl's asses! Totes girl power movie! 

Whip it is a really good movie to watch if you like those juno kind of movies, because of course, Ellen paige was in Juno. This movie is about a girl who is kind of shy and doesn't really have any friends. She's an outcast in her school. She ends up meeting some girls that are into roller derby and she goes to the try outs and makes the cut. The whole movie is about how she gains confidence in herself and becomes a better person because she found something she's really good at. Another good girl power movie!

Studio ghibli films never seem to disappoint and castle in the sky is amazing. I recently saw it at the movies and it made me love it even more. I just watched it before on my computer and I liked it, but now I like it so much more! This one is about a girl who has a huge family secret about a really powerful castle that can destroy pretty much everything and when her parents die, she gets kidnaps and escapes by jumping out of an airship where she floats down to the floor because of a crystal that her mother left her when she dies. A boy finds her falling down and takes care of her and from there he tries his hardest to protect her from all the people trying to hurt her. This movie is really adorable and heartwarming. 

I feel like I don't really have to explain this movie because I feel like everyone has seen this movie! But this is my favorite disney princess movie because this isn't about a princess who is helpless until a man comes to save her. She makes her own future happen and she fights for herself. I think thats a really big improvement on disney's part! I also like Mulan for the same reasons! 

Tim and eric is one of my favorite tv shows. I've watched all the seasons and its amazing. It's my humor exactly. If you like really dumb, crude humor then you'll love this. This movie is really unexplainable because its really random but if you have a dumb sort of humor I think you should watch it! 


  1. Tangled and Fight Club are two of my favorite movies as well :3 I saw Kamikaze Girls in 2008 and loooved it! I need to purchase it soon thanks for reminding me about it! :D

  2. I've seen all of them besides Castle in the Sky and Fight Club (I'm not into comedy shows). I love Kamikaze Girls! It's one of my favorite movies!

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  3. I love Tangled, and Kamikaze Girls too, even though it's a little wired :P

  4. I haven't seen all of these - but LOVE FIGHT CLUB! xo