Lush starter kit for beginners!

 Tons and tons of people always ask me what they should buy from lush if they are just starting out so I thought i'd make a little starter kit guide for those of you who have been thinking about ordering something but have no idea where to start! I'm actually also thinking about doing a giveaway featuring all the lush things i'm going to be talking about in this post. Let me know what you guys think about that in the comments please!

These six things are the things I think everyone should try out when they first try lush for the first time. I've tried all of these and even though I have more favorites I think these are the basics of pretty much everything you can try.
(Starting from left to right, top to bottom)

 Ocean salt-  One of my favorite scrubs hands down. I've probably written about this scrub so many times you guys are probably getting really sick of it. But its really so amazing! It starts off really scrubby but then turns really milky and it makes your skin really really glowy and soft.

 Porridge soap- This is one of the first soaps I tried from lush and I fell in love with it because it smells  so amazing. Like if you could imagine living in the forest and drinking tea all day and just being happy there I dont know... Thats how I imagine it would smell. Again, it is a scrub so it makes your skin look really nice! And just a tip, before using any soaps from lush cut them in pieces so not all of it gets wet and melts away!

 Cupcake face mask-  I've tried almost all of the fresh face masks from lush and this one is my favorite. It smells exactly like chocolate so the name is fitting. It feels as if you are putting cupcake batter on your face so its fun too! If you have acne this is the perfect mask for you. This will dry your acne right up without drying out your face too. Now, this product you can only buy in store because this needs to be kept cold.

 Big blue bath bomb- If you've never used a bath bomb from lush I recommend using this one. Its my absolute favorite. I love all of the sea salt... anything from lush because it reminds me of the beach and being by the ocean. This bath bomb will literally turn your whole bath blue (without staining your tub) and put little pieces of seaweed everywhere in the water so you feel like a true mermaid or merman .
 Grease lightening- This is basically a spot treatment for pimples. I find it works really amazing over night. If you put it on at night when you wake up the pimple goes down so much its like magic!

 Comforter bubble bar- This makes bubbles in your bath! You break off little pieces and put it in the water and it makes the most frothy bubbles its so adorable and it makes you feel like you are being wrapped in a warm blanket. Whenever I am really stressed this is what I use. It also smells really amazing!