January favorites ♡

This is going to be my january favorites of all the things I have been loving this month! I hope you guys  enjoy it and maybe find some new products to try out! 

This nail polish is my absolute favorite polishright now! I've never tried a cover girl polish before and this gave me a really good impression. Its a really beautiful pastel orange. It reminds me of a orange popsicle, the ones with cream on the inside...mmmmm~! Well, anyways this nailpolish is really pretty. Excuse my messy nail painting skills! I wore this to work and it didn't chip at all. It also takes only two coats. I can't find a name or anything on it though :c

This nail polish from American apparel is absolutely stunning. I love the holographic effects it gives off. I actually haven't worn this yet, but I can't wait to! It's one of my favorite purchases this month. The color is "disco lights"

These vitafusion b12 gummys are SO good. It tastes exactly like candy. At first I didn't think these would work that well but after taking two a day for a couple of days i've felt more energized and willing to do things. Its not a crazy kind of energy that you'd feel if you drank a monster or something like that, it feels more natural because theres no down time. If you have trouble with drinking coffee too much I would totally recommend these! I got mine at target.

The revlon colorstay foundation is really amazing and i've been using it for the past couple of months. The coverage is full which is really nice, the only downside is that there is no SPF :c But it does last a really long time. I wouldn't recommend wearing it for 24 hours though!

The stay cute beanies from tokyo hardcore is so cute. I've been wearing mine almost every single day. Since its black it matches with pretty much everything. 

The winged phone case I got off of ebay recently is so adorable. it's kind of bulky but it's really cute. It's been on my phone for three weeks now!


  1. Eek, how do you use Revlon Colourstay foundation? It looks cake-y on me, and if I thin it out with lotion, it ends up getting really streaky :( So many people love it, so IDK if I'm just applying it wrong.

    1. How do you apply it? Try out a damp sponge!

    2. Ooh, I should try that. I usually use a foundation brush or my fingers. :)

  2. Definitely going to try those B12 gummies out!

  3. That phone case is insane! I need one xo

  4. The coverage with Revlon's colourstay is amazing, and it does last all day! My holy grail for a long while now. Currently using Bourgois' healthy mix foundation, for lighter makeup days~