Ice skating fun! ♡

So today my boyfriend and I went ice skating and out to dinner so I thought i'd do a little day blog to see how you guys like it ^o^ My outfit wasn't too special but heres a picture! I made a sad face because it was really really cold outside! As you guys know, I live in San Diego so we went to UTC mall in La jolla. 

Heres the ice skating rink! It was both of our first times so we sat there for a while and just watched everyone because it was so cold down there! It was also really fun to watch people fall. Heheheheh. There was this lady who was making fun of some guy skating by imitating what he was doing. It was kinda mean ; - ;... but KINDA funny at the same time. For those of you who are interested, it was $12 a person!

Here are my fabulous cute skates~ they were pretty uncomfortable but I kind of forgot about it when I started skating :3 I actually ended up not tightening them tight enough so some lady who worked there tightened them for me~

Before we started skating my boyfriend was so scared (he didn't wanna admit it doe) I know he was!!! because he kept looking and oh my god it was just really funny and cute at the same time.

Yay! Finally when we got on the ice it was really funny because we were both so wobbly almost falling all over the place being a typical couple holding hands of course. This picture is funny because it looks like i'm missing my hand.

This was right before we left and we finally got the hang of skating on the ice. It was actually really easy for both of us pretty quickly because we both know how to rollerskate. We ended up leaving a bit early because he ended up feeling sick. I got him sick because i've had the flu the past two weeks :c

After we left we went to Tender greens which is our favorite place to eat! The food is really healthy and really really good. If you have one near you I really recommend it :3 The down side is, it is pretty pricy, but its nice to have every once in a while when you can spend.

This picture is terrible but this fountain was so pretty at night time! It lit up all these different colors. The whole mall was so pretty.

Let me know if you guys like these type of life blog posts in the comments! If you do, i'll start making more of them. Also thank you for the 500 followers here on bloodspot! I'm planning a giveaway sometime in the next few months just for you guys here on blogspot. Don't forget you guys can follow me on instagram (jasmineblu) twitter (jasmine_blu and tumblr (jasmine-blu) have a nice night kittens!


  1. awh you guys are too cute!! Love your outfit and glad you had lots of fun! c: And yes, love these posts <3

  2. I like these kind of blog posts! definitely do more :) xxx

  3. I love! I would definitely enjoy more like dis :3 ❤

  4. This looks like such a lovely evening! I'm so jealous that we don't have many ice skating rinks in England :( xo

  5. Love this post, check out my blog at x (: