How to cure yourself of frizzy hair for good! ♡

I asked on tumblr what you guys wanted me to blog about and a couple of people said frizzy hair and since I have natural curly hair this is something I struggled with for a long time so I thought i'd post about this and let you guys know how I got my hair to be less frizzy! First of all, frizzy hair is well, frizzy because its lacking moisture. If you damage your hair using too much heat or dyeing it really often its loses moisture and thats what causes it to look unhealthy, break, and be frizzy. So to get soft silky hair you need to pump your hair up and and it get healthy again! I'm not too sure if you all know but i've been dyeing my hair since I was in 6th/7th grade and now i'm almost 20 so that is a REALLY long time! My hair, like I said earlier is curly so you girls with curly hair know that maintaining healthy curls is literally next to impossible. For the past year I have been babying my hair with tons of new things I never bothered to do before. Since doing so my hair has grown faster and I haven't cut it in about two years. 

A really good DIY hair mask is to use egg yolk on your hair. What you do is break open some eggs and put the yolk into a bowl and mix everything up and put it on your hair i'd say about 35-45 minutes before you go into the shower. Put a shower cap on after you apply the yolk so it seals everything in and you don't smell like a piece of poop. When you shower make sure to wash out everything and shampoo and condition as you normally would and WALA! Your hair will be really soft and packed with moisture.

Another really good DIY hair mask is to get 1/2 cup of honey 1/2 cup of plain yogurt and 1 table spoon of almond oil and mix them all together and lather it into your hair and keep it in for about an hour before you take a shower and it will make your hair dramatically less frizzy!

Now for some good products you can buy!

This banana shampoo from the body shop is one of my favorites. It silks down my hair and makes it really soft and manageable! It also smells really, really amazing. The price isn't too bad either!

This coconut oil is also something I use. I just rub it between my hands and put it on when my hair is towel dried and it makes my curls look really defined and healthy. It also add's some shine to your hair so be sure to add it towards the middle, down and only a little on the top of your hair or your hair can start to look greasy! 

And lastly, some small tips for those of you suffering with frizzy hair.

Never comb dry hair.
 Finger comb wet hair.
Use as little heat as possible. 
 Wash your hair every other day.
Dry your hair with paper towels to take away fly aways.
Check your hair care products for alcohol. If they contain it, throw it away. Alcohol drys out hair like theres no tomorrow.


  1. you should also try using olive oil or coconut oil to your hair! it works for me :)

  2. I know argan oil is good for frizz! Thanks for the article though. I recommend argan oil from pro naturals if you want to splurge, it's a salon product but it does work.

  3. nice, thnx for the info, I also use pro naturals argan oil to reduce the frizz and keeps my hair soft and healthy too. :D

  4. good article, maybe I will try it tomorrow

  5. I like the olive oil rec. I will try that. I have had a ton of success doing women's hair of all types with Mixed Chicks haircare products in the salon. I recently started using His Mix (also made by Mixed Chicks) on wavy texture dudes with very thick hair. A little pop with diffused heat and some works.

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