Best of 2012 ♡

Since the year has now come and gone its time to make a yearly favorites of all of the things I have loved this year. Most of these things I use almost every day and in my opinion are amazing! If you have any suggestions on something I should try out or things to blog about just let me know down in the comments!

Grease lightening is seriously one of the best spot treatments i've ever used. Although there is one downfall, it makes your skin a little dry when you put it on. Or maybe its just me... But I find that it drys out my pimples really fast so when you wake up in the morning the pimple is all gone! I've probably repurchased this about four or five times. The consistency is clear and it doesn't smell bad at all!

Ocean salt is made out of vodka and sea salt. How fun does that sound? heh! All year I searched for a really good scrub because I love scrubs but they always seem to break me out in cystic acne. I honestly can't even explain how amazing this scrub is. If your skin is really sensitive I wouldn't really recommend it but if your skin is normal then its really good. It starts off rough but then gets really milky and soft. 

The Naked palette is AMAZING. I bought it for myself and I don't wear eyeshadow everyday so I share it with my mom and she does use it everyday and she loves it too. I use the first four and last four colors whenever I do wear eyeshadow. I don't use the brush that came with it though. It also came with an eyeshadow primer thats pretty popular but I don't really use it that often. Honestly, I find it doesn't really do much. If you guys want me to make a more in depth post about the naked palette just let me know and I can maybe do some swatches or something!

Oh my gosh, platform converse are so cute. I thought about buying these for such a long time and I was scared they wouldn't fit or that I wouldn't wear them and I am so glad that I bought them. I don't wear them a lot because i'm working 90% of the time but these are my go to shoes when I do go out! I actually just ordered some in black, too. A lot of people are iffy about buying them on ebay but I bought mine off ebay and everything was just fine and the quality was amazing. 

The circle skirts at American Apparel were my most favorite clothing item this year. I have them in almost every color that they offer! They are so comfortable and they aren't too short or too long. They are really versatile with things you can wear them with too!

When I first bought some Tony moly bunny gloss bars I didn't care for them too much. I thought it was all about the packaging and not much about the product but after using it a couple times I fell in love. The colors are actually really amazing. The colors are really sheer so if you wanted to start wearing a red lip but you're scared of wearing lipstick because its really bright then i'd recommend one of the red shades! They also last pretty long too!

I actually just recently started using this shampoo and conditioner from The Body Shop. Prior to using this shampoo I used Nexxus stuff and I love that too but this stuff has calmed down my hair so much! My hair is naturally curly so my hair gets really frizzy really easily and so its a daily struggle to make my hair calm. Ever since i've started using this banana shampoo my hair has been so moisturized, soft, and shiny. It also smells really, really, amazing! LIKE SUPER AMAZING!!!

Clinque cream eyeliner is one of my favorites that i've used for years. Probably around two years but recently I stopped using it to go on a quest to find a new favorite eyeliner! This one is really good but it sometimes smudges so since I used it so much I thought i'd include it. 

My favorite bath bomb is big blue from lush! It has little seaweed pieces in it and it smells amazing! It turns the water a really cute baby blue color and it makes me feel like im swimming in the ocean. 

My favorite mask from lush is cupcake because it smells like chocolate. If you have acne this will dry out your acne really fast. I always use this when i'm breaking out and it works really well!

♡ Some of my favorite bands/artists of the year were 

The wonder years, Blink 182, The xx, No doubt, The postal service, Say anything, Best coast, Brand new, Foals, Gorillaz, Gym class heroes, Man overboard, Tegan and Sara, The weekend, Drake, Title fight, Tigers jaw, La dispute, Metric, Lily Allen, Bright eyes, Modest mouse, New found glory, Relient k, Yellowcard, Kayne west, Kimbra, Lykke li, and more that I can't think of right now!

♡ Some of my favorite online shops of the year were 

♡ Some of my favorite instagram moments were 

Thank you so much for all of you that are always there for me! I know I can't always be there to talk to every single one of you but I want you guys to know that super soon i'm going to open a P.O box where you guys can write me letters and i'll write back! I also made an so you can ask me questions here! Without you guys none of the possibilities I had over the year wouldn't have been possible. Thank you so much! I'm planning a giveaway soon so if you guys have any idea for things I can include in the giveaway that you guys would like to see! I love you guys so much! 


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