A teeny tiny rant ♡

I've been getting super upset lately because i've been seeing so many girls be so terrible each other and it really makes me sad/mad/IDK emotions???? I mean, I can only say so much because i'm only human and I can be mean sometimes too, but not to the extent i've been seeing lately. I just don't understand why if someone is mean to you why the other person feels the need to insult the other person back. Or when two people are arguing people need to jump in and insult the other person like STOP no, thats not necessary at all! Sometimes on instagram someone will be sour to me and some of you lovely ladies will stick up for me and I really think its the sweetest thing but.. it starts becoming a problem when people start insulting each other. I also get pretty upset when I see girls slut shaming and just UGH I get so heated its ridiculous. I wont even begin on men slut shaming... because this post is about GIRL ON GIRL CRIME (mean girls~) But anyways, slut shaming is NEVER EVER OKAY. Just because someone is showing a little skin, or sins in a different way than you doesn't mean they are a slut/whore or whatever you choose to call them. Don't judge someone else's lifestyle! I know you guys are the sweetest little kittens so I really hope that if you do any of these things that you will rethink next time something happens! Don't ever, ever lower yourself to insulting someone who insults you. That makes you no better than the person who started it!
  Remember, kill 'em with kindness babes! If it ain't cute keep it on mute 


  1. I completely agree with this! I just think women perceive that there's some kind of competition between each other which results in complete hostility towards each other and its maddening! However, I have seen a lot of anti-slut shaming posts by girls on tumblr lately which has cheered me up! This post was definitely needed!

  2. "Kill 'em with kindess" and "if it ain't cute keep it on mute" really is the best thing to do! I 100% going to need to quote you on that for an upcoming post I'm making!

    <3 tinysugarbee.blogspot.com