I dyed my hair black!

At first I wasnt going to dye my hair black, but just a darker brown because my hair was so many different colors that it was getting harder and harder to retouch it. So I wanted to start fresh :3

I know these are pretty bad pictures but I wanted to update you guys ^o^ Sorry for the little absence i've been busy with work and what not! I'll be back soon c:
Love you <3


  1. the best hair color for you thus far!

  2. I think you can pull of any hair color!
    Also I have a request for a blog post - When shopping online I always seem to get random items and then I never know how to put together full outfits from them... so do you have any tips for shopping online?

  3. i kinda miss your brown hair!!!!!! but your black is kinda growing on me! you look really cute!!!!